Spring-Vale RPG has an irc channel with a server echo, meaning messages can be exchanged between irc & the server.
Server rules apply on irc.
Our channel is on the network.

An irc client is required to join our irc channel.

If you already have an irc client, just click this link to join: irc://

Otherwise you need to download a free client:
Smuxi (standalone client)
Chatzilla (firefox addon)
IceChat (standalone client)
AndroIRC (android phone client)
Mango Lite (iphone client)

You can also use our Web IRC Client (powered by Mibbit).

To connect to the irc server type /server
To join our irc channel type /join #sv-rpg

The irc server is run by the network. You must follow their terms when using it.

There are multiple servers you can connect to, so you can improve your ping to irc: (Netherlands) - is an alias of this (Los Angeles)

Accounts on irc are separate from ingame. You are responsible for registering and maintaining your username on irc.

Type /ns register <password> <email> to register your username
Type /ns identify <password> to login every time you join irc
Type /ns help to see more irc account management commands

IRC users must have voice (+) to use commands which connect with the server.

Ask an admin (@) on irc for voice. Your username must be registered and logged in to get it.


!help or !cmds - see a list of commands
!players - show the number of online players
!admins - show the number of online admins
!time - show the game & server time
!getid <name> - get the id of a player
!say <message> - send a message to everyone in the server
!pm <playerid> <message> - send a message to a player